Threading is a method of Epilation practiced for centuries in the Asian subcontinent. Its origin remains unclear however; this method of hair removal can be traced back among early civilizations in the Middle Eastern world.

Threading is an eco-friendly form of hair removal which does not require the use of hot waxes or abrasive chemicals. A twisted cotton thread is rolled over the desired hairline, such as the eyebrow, extracting the hair at the follicle. Unlike tweezing, threading can remove an entire row of hair at one time. Since the hair is removed from the follicle level hair usually grows back thinner and finer.

Threading is safe for those who are on Accutane and Acne tropical medication. It is safe even for the most sensitive of skin types. Minor irritation and/or redness can occur but will usually subside within an hour. Many find threading to be a much more pleasant experience than traditional methods of hair removal.

Our Fee

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrows: $13.00
Upper lip: $5.00
Chin: $ 5.00
Full face (includes Eyebrows): $30.00 to $35.00